So, Caldwell on Saturday.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Concerns?


Just listened to former NJ Governor Whitman speak about Womens roles in Leadership.

When we got back I heard my guy buds talking about it through the wall, some direct quotes?

“What’s she doing out of the Kitchen?”

“Who drove you here?”

“Does your husband know you’re here?”

Then they decided to come into MY room and ask MY opinions. course they know I’m basically the only democrat/feminist here so w/e. 

I was really about to write up a rather angry rant about people’s response to her.

One of my buds said she was ‘too feminist.’  I nearly tore him a new one. He just doesn’t see how this is an issue.

I have found that one thing people are focusing on is that her staff was mostly female.  Sure, it wasn’t the best way to try an find equality, but most men do the same exact thing.  They just aren’t called out on it.

I have also heard people say that there aren’t women trying to get the jobs she was talking about.  The military, sure, I can see it, but government?  They obviously weren’t listening when she said that women are put against opponents they wont win against, just so the party can say they had a woman run.

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only non-republican feminist here.

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Sometimes I really ask myself why I am in the Corps.

Without the Corps, my outfit choices would go from this

to this


I would have more time on my hands.

I would get to sleep past 0700.

I would not have to eat at Turners.  Ever.


I would never have to wake up to PT.

However, There are things I would miss.

Free entrance to the football games.


I would not be getting the leadership experience.

I would no longer have a career practically guaranteed.


I would not have guaranteed housing.

Most of all, I would not have my buds.

Yup.  I knew there were reasons I’m staying in.

Trying to explain exactly what the Corps is.

Trying to explain exactly what the Corps is.

You always know when someone did McBryde stairs that morning.

You always know when someone did McBryde stairs that morning.

Thinking under pressure as a freshman.  





Virginia Tech: Moulder of Men.

wow I didn’t even think VT had the VTCC in the 1960’s! It’s cool to see what all has changed in 50 years

Tech was actually Corps only until 1921, when women could first attend the university, as civilian day students only.  In 1923, students were only required to be cadets their first two years, but by the time they could leave the Corps, most cadets were so used to the live style, that they stayed in.  It wasn’t until 1964 that students had no Corps requirement.

We are literally the oldest tradition at Tech.

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Virginia Tech: Moulder of Men.